New and Reinforced Basements in Kensington and all London Areas from Skilled Contractors

Engel Construction Ltd has a growing portfolio of successful construction projects undertaken in London and the M25 radius. Two of our key services are basement construction and basement reinforcement. We are proud members of ASUC, and no job is ever too small or too big for our basement contractors. Use us for the development of a tailored solution that fits in well with your project, the budget and its timeframe. 

If you own property in Kensington or any other part of London, please get in touch with us to discuss new and reinforced basements.

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Time-Served Basement Contractors

Because of the amount of expected upheaval, any type of work on a basement can seem daunting to property owners. New and reinforced basements require a combination of engineering and construction skills. By choosing our basement contractors, you can have complete confidence that work will meet a high standard and comply with all current UK Building Regulations. We are well known for our project management capabilities. 

We have a good knowledge of structural works and specialist areas such as underpinning. Having already completed a wide variety of basement constructions in some of London’s most prestigious areas, you can trust in our experience completely.

Call for friendly but professional advice. We can arrange a prompt consultation, survey and quotation.

Basement Construction Stages

Construction consists of stages and requires the attention of skilled basement contractors. At Engel Construction Ltd, we can cover every stage of the job in-house, managing the entire project without you having to call in other companies at added cost to the budget. We also assist with specific work, like basement reinforcement, should you only require one service.

The key stages of basement construction include:


If there is no existing basement, excavation to a below-ground level will be needed. We handle the clearance, earthworks and groundworks phases, delivering practical solutions even in the hardest-to-access areas. Excavations produce spoil. We can arrange muck away services to remove soil from all Kensington and London properties.

We also need to excavate to reinforce basements.

Groundwater Control

The nemesis of any substructural work is groundwater. The more water there is in the soil, the greater the prospect is for slippages and collapses. Our basement contractors can use a variety of different methods, such as pumping, sheet piling and grouting, to temporarily (or permanently) keep groundwater out of basements and, in turn, out of construction sites.

This is important for structural stability.


Because we specialise in structural works, underpinning is one of our most requested services. Underpinning is required for work on new basements, and for reinforced basements where we strengthen the existing foundations. Basement walls might need underpinning if they are damaged, or if a basement is being made deeper for reinforcement or to create a higher ceiling.

You can find out more about underpinning on this website.

Temporary Works

Temporary steelwork at sub-basement level might be needed to support the existing structure, or the excavated sides, while a basement is in construction. Our engineers and basement contractors can quickly identify if any temporary works might be required and, of course, which services are most suitable. Earthworks can include trenches, stockpiles and slopes. 

Structural works include propping, needling and shoring.

Basement Construction

Basement structures are most often constructed from the ground up after the excavation process is completed, and once the cavity is properly shaped and supported. There are various construction methods our basement contractors use to build the structure, the most common being brickwork and blockwork, and the use of precast concrete panels or an RC framework.

We use similar methods on reinforced basements.


Also known as membrane tanking, basement waterproofing is a vital stage of construction used to keep basements dry. Our basement contractors have extensive training in the various ways to waterproof a property and can advise you on a method to use on new constructions, or for reinforced basements in London areas like Kensington.

At Engel Construction Ltd, our objective is to provide you with a service of a high quality, always with safety in mind.

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