Building Work in Kensington and all London Areas

With experience in all aspects of construction, we are here to support our earthworks, groundworks and structural works with a wide range of building services. Whether you have a domestic or commercial project planned, we have the team and the skill set required to provide the best solution. Covering all London areas and the inner M25 radius, we have clients in a number of prestigious locations including Kensington.

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Our building services include, but are not limited to:

Demolition Works

We use a variety of techniques to manage every part of the demolition process and any potential hazards associated with that process safely. Through careful planning and monitoring, we reduce disruption to the surrounding areas while keeping contractors and the public distanced from associated risks. 

Whether operating as a project manager, a main contractor or a subcontractor, we always follow safe working practices.

Soft Strips

The team at Engel Construction Ltd has the expertise needed to carry out soft strip works as part of a demolition, or as a standalone project. Soft stripping is the removal of all non-structural parts both inside and outside of a building. Like any ethical company, we recycle as many materials as possible.

A soft strip is generally undertaken prior to a demolition, or before the renovation or refurbishment of a building.


Our company can undertake substructural work in and around the London area. Substructures are defined as structural support elements below ground level. They are used to support the structure above and to disperse weight. Foundations, pilings, subfloors and basements are all common substructural works. 

With qualified civil engineers in our workforce, we are here to deliver a full substructural site service for our clients.


Superstructural building work refers to every part of a build sitting above ground level (known as the baseline). This can include columns, beams, floors, walls and even the roof. Our project managers and engineers meticulously plan and design superstructural elements for any type and size of building. 

No matter what type of superstructural works we are carrying outs, we use quality materials to ensure a lasting build.

Compliant with UK Building Regulations

As accredited FMB members, you can rely on building work from Engel Construction Ltd to comply with current standards set in the UK Building Regulations. We keep updated with the latest legislation and provide ongoing training for all our staff. Another area we are knowledgeable in is planning permission. 

Should you require approvals for building work in Kensington or the wider London area, we offer advice on obtaining consent from local authorities.

If your project requires a full planning application, then an inspection may be required before work commences. Because we complete building work to specification and a high standard, the risk of any problems with approval is greatly reduced.

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