Groundwork Contractors in Fulham | Providing Secure Foundations and Underpinning

As experienced groundwork contractors, we provide foundations and underpinning to stabilise new and existing buildings. Such structural works must adhere to regulations to ensure the safety of all those who will use the buildings. At Engel Construction Ltd, our basement contractors and other workers have a complete understanding of rules surrounding foundations, providing secure and reliable builders work in Fulham and the surrounding areas.

When designing foundations, there are a number of factors to consider. To make sure we deliver the most suitable and effective services, we take into account:

Soil Types

It is important to assess the type of soil which foundations will sit on to determine:
• If it is capable of bearing the required load
• The way it reacts to variations in moisture content – this can lead to soil expanding or contracting, and foundations should be made deeper so ground movement does not affect them

Adjacent Structures

When undertaking foundations and underpinning in Fulham, it is important to ensure that structural works do not undermine existing buildings. With years of experience, our builders and basement contractors make sure to follow appropriate methods to avoid damaging existing footings and builders work.


Trees can affect the construction of foundations because they draw moisture from the ground around them. This causes the ground to shrink. Clay soils are more prone to shrinking, and excessive movement can damage foundations. Because of this, if trees are present in clay areas, our groundwork contractors need to dig deeper to ensure structural works and builders works are not negatively affected.

Size & Construction of Buildings

The size of buildings is an important factor in determining the design of foundations. For example, they will need to support more weight from a two-storey building compared to a single-storey structure. If constructing additional storeys onto an existing building, our groundwork contractors may need to carry out underpinning work to provide sufficient support.

Drains & Sewers

As the load from foundations is transferred to the soil, it spreads downwards at a typical angle of 45 degrees. Drains or sewers in this area can be affected by the weight. To prevent damage or cracking, excavations should reach at least the same depth as the bottom of the deepest part of any present drain, sewer or trench.

This is a key consideration for basement contractors building below existing properties in Fulham.

For reliable groundwork contractors who adhere to regulations and best construction practices in Fulham and the surrounding areas, call us on 01483 283718.