Structural Works in Mayfair | What Can we do for Your Project?

Professional contractors and subcontractors, such as civil engineers, groundwork contractors and basement contractors, are key players in construction or demolition projects. They have the experience to successfully and safely deliver objectives. At Engel Construction Ltd, we do just this. Whether carrying out structural works and underpinning in Mayfair or builders works and commercial developments in Greater London, our skills and resources help you to complete projects on time, on budget and to a high standard.

Groundwork Contractors – Why Hire Contractors?

Construction projects however small or large can be a time-consuming and complicated venture. Even companies and builders with experience can benefit from additional help to ensure the project is successful. By hiring a main contractor or subcontractor, you can also bring on-board professionals with the specific skillset that your project requires. For example, at Engel Construction Ltd we do more than general builders works and offer specialist skilled services in structural works, groundworks and underpinning.

You may think budgeting to hire contractors, such as our basement contractors in Mayfair, will be costly. However, we are dedicated to helping your project stay on budget and provide very competitive prices to help keep your costs low. A construction job that is overseen by professional contractors also has the potential to increase the overall value of your business and property. Looking at a statement from the Guide to the Appointment of Structural Engineers and Contractors, Property Advisors to the Civil Estate, UK, investing in quality services is generally cost-effective in the long run:

“The capital cost of a building is typically only say 10-20% of the cost of owning and operating it over its expected life. Professional fees might be around 10-15% of the capital cost and therefore represent 1 or 2% of the life cycle cost. Therefore, the relatively minor additional cost of procuring high-quality services, in particular services which focus on optimising the balance between capital cost and maintenance costs, will be far outweighed by long-term savings.”

Guide to the Appointment of Structural Engineers and Contractors, Property Advisors to the Civil Estate, UK.

A further benefit for hiring professional contractors for your Mayfair project, including basement contractors and groundwork contractors, is their knowledge in building codes. For the majority of builders works and especially for complex structural works, the work must be completed in compliance with the latest UK Building Regulations. An experienced contractor such as Engel Construction Ltd will be knowledgeable in current requirements. For example, if you require underpinning carried out to stabilise a building a pre-prepared structural design is often required and careful planning and execution is a must.

Benefits of Choosing Engel Construction Ltd

There are many reasons why customers in Mayfair and the surrounding London areas choose to hire or work with our company. We offer professional services as either a main contractor or subcontractor and have experience working across a wide variety of sectors.

Some of the top advantages for using our company for your next project include:

Looking for basement contractors or groundwork contractors in the Mayfair area? Call us today on 01483 283718 for structural works, underpinning and builders works.