Lillie Road

Client: Crane Investments
Status: Live

Description: Engel are the Main Contractor responsible for the construction of 9 town houses. The perimeter of the site was underpinned to create the basement that houses the townhouses.

Tedworth Square

Client: Kenham Building
Status: Live

Description: The works involves creating a new basement underneath a 4-storey existing building. The perimeter of the existing site is to be underpinned creating a basement space underneath the building. The top 4 floors area are to be re-configured to allow a new lift shaft to be formed. Floors are also strengthened throughout.

Archway Road

Client: Laxcon
Status: Live

Description: Engels scope consists of Piling, Pile Caps, new underground drainage system, Reinforced Concrete basement structure. Ground to 3rd floor Reinforced Concrete frame. The project also involves installation of precast floors, precast stairs and a structural steel roof frame. The front façade involved the systematic removal of the temporary works frame and the connection of the façade to the new structure.

7 & 8 Park Crescent

Client: London Projects
Status: Completed (2020)

Description: The works involves creating a new Reinforced Concrete extension to the side of the existing building. Internal reconfiguration has taken place, removing hollow pot flooring and strengthening the floor using structural steelwork.

16 Devonshire Place

Client: Stoneforce
Status: Completed (2019)

Description: The work involved the demolition of the rear building, underpinning the existing party wall, excavating down 5m to create a new living space to the rear of the property. Internally the building was refurbished throughout. All internal floors were strengthened, new openings were formed through existing walls and a new lift shaft was create through all 5 floors.