RC Framework in Kensington, Mayfair and all Surrounding London Areas

If you live in London or one of its many suburbs, it is almost inevitable that you have seen RC framework in place. Concrete-framed structural work is common in the modern construction sector. As you might expect from the name itself, RC framework is the skeleton of a full or partial build and is made from concrete. The framework has beams sitting horizontally, and a series of vertical members which we refer to as columns.

Engel Construction Ltd is an established company with vast experience in all parts of the capital, including Belgravia, Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington and Mayfair to name just a few.

The columns are the most important parts of any RC framework because they carry the bulk of the building’s weight load. If damage occurs to a horizontal beam, it only has an impact on a single floor. If columns fail, the entire building could fall.

What is RC Framework?

When we talk about RC and the subject of reinforced concrete framework, it is reinforced cement concrete (RCC) that we mean. Reinforced concrete has steel bars added to increase strength. We call these rebars. Concrete has good compressive strength, is low in cost and can be produced fresh onsite. Steel, on the other hand, has a high tensile strength.

Concrete and steel work well together.

To make reinforced concrete, we use a process call formwork. We create a mould to give RC framework a specific shape. We then pour concrete into the mould and, using the architectural specification, add the rebars and tie them into place using wire. This gives the appearance of a cage.

Our work in Belgravia, Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington and Mayfair often includes RC framework construction.

Choosing Engel Construction Ltd for RC Framework

We’ve become a trusted choice for RC framework services in the London area because our company has invested into the trade’s most innovative falsework and formwork systems. This means we can meet complex challenges even when they are so technically advanced, some builders prefer to avoid them. Our engineers design RC framework to improve accuracy and reduce waste.

We reinforce this by providing all contractors on our team with a rigorous level of training. This ensures that we comply fully with all current Health & Safety standards, including those which relate directly to working at height.

Engel Construction Ltd offers the following:

  • Full Design and Engineering Service
  • Supply of Plant and Materials
  • Supervision and Construction Service

Our experience in substructural work makes us an ideal choice for RC framework projects in Belgravia, Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington and Mayfair, and across all parts of London. We are also available for foundation work including underpinning.

You can also use us for the construction of reinforced basements. We have our own plant and machinery.

Call 01483 283718 for RC framework services in Kensington, Mayfair and all London areas.