Structural Work in Kensington and all Surrounding London Areas

Engel Construction Ltd undertakes structural work for domestic and commercial clients in all London areas. We have completed complex alterations for customers in prestigious areas across the capital like Kensington. With qualified structural engineers in our team, we can manage projects from conception to completion. We work to plans drawn up by the client’s architect, or to our own calculations.

Strong structural elements are essential to the stability of building and construction works. It is an area which requires skill and attention to detail. We have the experience needed to undertake superstructural and substructural works.

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Structural Works Explained

From underpinning basements at homes in London, to correcting structural defects on commercial buildings, our contractors can work on projects of any size. We are committed to meeting client requirements, and we fulfil their expectations of us by staying inside agreed budgets and timescales. These qualities make Engel Construction Ltd a trusted regional choice.

Our structural works include the following:

Removing Load-Bearing Walls

The removal of load-bearing walls must be calculated with care and carried out in a way that keeps the structure sound and stable. The engineers at Engel Construction Ltd can draw up detailed plans and drawings. We can then knock through or remove load-bearing walls. Knocking through a load-bearing wall is a great way to improve the layout of a property.

It also allows more natural light to enter room space.


In the field of structural work, propping involves the use of members to temporarily support a load. Propping materials come in different shapes and sizes, and they can be used for a wide range of projects. We use Acrow props to support loads of a medium weight, but other systems available to our team include tilt props, trishore props, mono props and titan props. 

Our contractors install prop systems to stabilise structures.


We undertake underpinning work on construction projects across all of London, including the desirable Kensington area. Underpinning is a form of structural work used to strengthen or increase the depth of foundations. Underpinning may be needed to support additional storeys, or to address any issues related to instability. 

Our team has experience in all underpinning methods, including traditional mass concrete pouring and RC framework.

Underpinning involves sectional excavating to a planned depth below the structures footing and filling the cavity with a poured concrete mix which is then left to cure.


A foundation is the lower section of a building’s structure that transfers its gravity load into the ground. Foundations need to be strong enough to ensure the safety and stability of a building. There are two types of foundations, shallow and deep. To determine which is best, we calculate the required depth in relation to the building and ground conditions. 

Shallow foundations are best when the surface soil offers enough support. Deep foundations are used to transfer gravity loads even further into ground with a suitable soil type.


If you require contractors for the refurbishment of structural works, our fully trained workforce can help. We can undertake structural repairs and modifications throughout all London areas and within the M25 radius. Services available include substructural and superstructural works, RC framework, façade retention and temporary support for compromised builds.

We have project managers qualified in civil engineering with a wealth of experience, and we can manage the refurbishment of structural works for the full duration of the project.


Excavation is the removal of earth to form a cavity in the ground. At Engel Construction Ltd, our team has many years of experience in excavation, earthworks and groundworks. We use heavy plant to excavate topsoil and aggregates. Our team is knowledgeable in current Health & Safety protocol and protects clients, our own workforce, the public and nearby properties. 

We use many techniques, like shoring, guardrails and ladders, to safely support excavations and to prevent collapses.

Clients in Kensington and those across London can expect all the following when they use us for structural works:
  • Careful planning and detailed structural calculations
  • All required work carried out by skilled tradesmen
  • Domestic and commercial projects in London covered
  • Tailored solutions and complete project management
  • Safe structural work compliant with current regulations
  • High quality of workmanship at a very competitive price

For structural work in Kensington and all London areas, call Engel Construction Ltd on 01483 283718.