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Engel Construction Ltd draw upon many years of experience in the construction industry to provide a reliable underpinning service. Based in East Horsley and primarily undertaking projects in London, Mayfair and Kensington are just two of the many areas we cover. Our team has an excellent reputation for delivering a tailored main contractor or subcontractor service at a great price. Contact us for traditional and modern underpinning methods.

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What is Underpinning?

In construction and renovation, underpinning is the method of excavating the soil beneath the existing foundations of a structure to replace, repair or add new materials. It is usually required for two reasons; either to increase foundation depth for added living space or to stabilise a structure due to faulty foundations.

These are explained in more detail below.

Strengthening Foundations

Whenever an increase in load is added to a building, such as a basement construction or additional storeys, foundation strengthening will often be required. By increasing the depth of existing foundations and setting pins, heavier loads are better supported and stabilised.

Repairing Faulty Foundations

Over time a building’s foundation may weaken, especially if poor construction methods were used, environmental changes have made an impact on foundations, or the building is historical or significantly dated. Underpinning is used to repair or replace these faulty foundations to ensure the property is safely stabilised for many years.

Types of Underpinning

As proud members of ASUC our professionals specialise in a number of underpinning methods and techniques. The different possibilities allow us to address structural integrity deficiencies in the best way possible, case by case. All underpinning projects we carry out for clients in Mayfair, Kensington and the wider London area are completed to the latest Building Regulations.

Some of the most common types of underpinning methods we use include:

Mass Concrete

The traditional mass concrete method is a popular type of underpinning that dates back hundreds of years. The process involves excavating box-shaped cavities to specified depths beneath the structures existing foundations. These cavities are then filled with concrete and the process is repeated in a pre-specified order to build a strong foundation.

Beam & Base

This method of underpinning is a technically-advanced version of the traditional mass concrete method. It includes constructing and installing a reinforced concrete beam to redirect the structural load onto a number of strong concrete bases.

Piles & Brackets

A quick and cost-effective method, underpinning with screw piles and brackets is an effective alternative where traditional methods are impractical or access is restricted. Up to 25 screw piles can be installed one day and less excavation is needed.

Pile & Beam

Pile and beam underpinning is used when the whole building needs to be underpinned, ground conditions are too hard or if the existing excavations are too deep. It is a more complex process that requires skilled workmanship, involving the removal of floors.

Early Warning Signs

If you are worried your property might have subsidence problems or other foundation faults, check for the warning signs listed below and do not hesitate to contact us about your concerns. Our qualified civil engineer can get to you quickly to identify any potential issues. We travel to properties throughout London and the surrounding areas, including Mayfair, the Borough of Kensington, Westminster, Vauxhall and elsewhere within the M25 circuit.

• Structural cracks in the walls, windows and doorframes
• Changes to the shape of the property, such as leaning or sinking
• Discrepancies to windows or door alignments and frame separation
• Uneven floors with a gradient of more than 1 or 2 inches every 15 feet

If you require underpinning for a project in Mayfair, London or the surrounding area, contact Engel Construction Ltd on 01483 283718 today.